Known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, South America is also home to some of the world’s most talented craftspeople. Artisans Fair buys from artisan groups in Peru and Bolivia, meaning that you can benefit from their brilliant products while they benefit from a new route to market and a fair wage.

Concepcion and Gregorio Ramos have been working with our recycled glass supplier in Bolivia for many years now. Gregorio specialises in blowing and finishing our lovely wine glasses by hand, a skill he rightly takes great pride in. Concepcion works as a quality checker, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards and is perfectly packed ready for its long journey by sea to the UK. Before coming to the factory Concepion was a street seller, an unpredictable and sometimes hazardous job, so she is very grateful for the safe and reliable work she now enjoys.

As a result of their efforts and the fair wages they receive, Concepcion and Gregorio have been able to build their own house near to the factory, providing a safe and comfortable home for their own four children and six other family members.

Mario Quispe, master glass blower prepares the molten glass for blowing

Gorgeous glass with a great story

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