Artisans Fair works with talented craftspeople all across Asia – in countries like India, Bangladesh and Vietnam – to bring you the best handcrafted products we can find. We’re proud to offer these artisans a route out of poverty, and proud to offer you a chance to benefit from their artistry.

Salman uses his passion for metalwork to provide for his family. It’s his skilled hands that help put food on the table each night. But as well as providing for his brothers and sisters, he also has dreams of a better future.

It’s his ambition to set up a workshop of his own one day – to reach his potential and create beautiful products. He has the skills for it but he needs the opportunity.

The consistent, fair-priced orders he gets from Artisans Fair are helping him step ever closer to his dream – every product sold gets him nearer that end goal.

And we love to work with brilliant artisans like Salman all across Asia– we want to share their talents with the world and give them the chance to make their dreams a reality.

“One day I would like to set up my own workshop.”


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