Artisans Fair buys from three talented artisan groups in Swaziland, a country of immense contrasts. Magnificent beauty sits alongside terrible poverty in a land where the people are warm and generous, but their families have been devastated by the ongoing HIV crisis.

Many artisans across the world devote their whole life to making one thing really well. For Bongi, his passion is for creating brilliant candles. He picked this up from his parents who were candle makers long before he was born.

An inspired artist, Bongi works as a wax sculptor in a small candle workshop. It’s the commitment to skilled craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the love that he puts into each candle that really set him apart…and his infectious smile brings light to the workshop every day.

Like many poor people in Africa, Bongi’s responsibilities extend far beyond his job. His family rely on his income for food, education, healthcare and clothing. But Bongi is one of the lucky ones, fair trade enables him to do a job he loves whilst being paid fairly and treated with respect and dignity.

So if you’re looking for handmade, high quality craftsmanship, you’re in the right place. We’re proud to work with skilled African artisans like Bongi.

“Each candle you buy, someone gets to smile.
Someone actually made that with his heart”.

Bongi, Candle Sculptor, Swaziland

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